Do or Don’t : Plumbing Checkups

You probably already know what we’re going to say. Do. But why?

Most of us make yearly appointments with our doctors for regular checkups. Like a doctor, a plumber is typically called only when a problem has already happened. So, what if plumbers also gave checkups?

Prevent future problems.

If you had a bacterial infection, you wouldn’t let it go until it became worse. You would want to cure it before it became much worse. It’s good to start thinking this way about plumbing issues. If you let them go, it could cause severe and expensive damage. Particularly mold, water damage, rot and decay. This type of structural damage can cause leaks and rusty pipes.

Water damage is often behind homeowner’s insurance claims, and unfortunately plumbing repair neglect isn’t covered  as it’s seen as routine maintenance.

A plumbing checkup can prevent major problems and solve minor ones, like lack of hot water or weak water pressure.

Make it easier to sell your home.

Plumbing damage can also decrease your home’s value. It can effect both the price you ask for and the prices you are offered. Even if you receive an offer, a buyer could be inclined rescind it or request you pay for any damage found in an inspection before they purchase your home.

Prevent insurance costs from increasing.

Having your home inspected regularly keeps your home insurance low. Signs of water damage in particular can cause rates to go up. Stopping any problems before they happen will ensure this doesn’t happen.

Buying a house is an investment, so think of plumbing inspections as a way of keeping your investment valuable and secure.

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