The Damage of Freezing Temperatures

On a day like today, it doesn’t hurt to once again reiterate to homeowners the importance or protecting pipes from freezing. This winter has been wreaking havoc on the US, with average temperatures way below the average. The abnormally cold weather and strong winds combined have been the cause of an increase in water main breaks, electrical line damage, and breaking pipes.

People who are worried about these problems can rest assured there are steps they can take to prevent them from happening. Here are some tips to share with homeowners:

  • Know where the main water shuttoff is in your home. And know how to use it.
  • Disconnect outside water hoses. You probably won’t be needing it anytime soon anyway.
  • Inspect outside faucets. Have a plumber repair any leaks.
  • Shut off separate shut-off valves for outside faucets, if you have any. Drain outside pipes.
  • Invest in faucet insulation. You can find it ay most  hardware or home improvement stores.
  • Keep inside temperatures above 65 degrees Farenheit. The air between walls is a lot colder than interior walls.
  • Let hot and cold water drip in sinks and tubs over night. It might affect the water bill a bit, but you are preventing your pipes from freezing by doing so, which is considerably more expensive to fix.

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