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November 25, 2013

Do or Don’t : Plumbing Checkups

You probably already know what we’re going to say. Do. But why? Most of us make yearly appointments with our doctors for regular checkups. Like a […]
April 30, 2013

The 3 Most Common Causes of Toilet Problems

Of all the plumbing appliances you want to stay functioning as efficiently as possible, the toilet may be number one. Due to the unsanitary nature of […]
December 27, 2012

Water Softening: Is it for you?

What is “hard water”? Think about the water that enters your home through your plumbing. It is a pretty important thing to think about, since we […]
September 28, 2012

When DIY Should Be Avoided

Owning a home can be expensive, so we understand the tendency to try and make repairs yourself. It is completely doable in certain situations, but in […]
August 27, 2012

4 Plumbing Myths Debunked

We have heard plenty of advice when it comes to housekeeping, and unfortunately some of this advice actually does more harm than good. Plumbing is no […]