Winter is coming, are you ready?

The seasons are changing quick and soon winter will be here, but are your pipes ready? Here are a few reminders and tips on how to get ready for winter.

  1. Flush out Exterior Plumbing. Exterior plumbing includes outdoor faucets, hoses, and lawn irrigation systems. We suggest draining and disconnecting each of these fixtures to avoid frozen and bursting pipes.
  2. Insulate Pipes. Insulating exposed basement or crawlspace pipes is an affordable way to prevent pipes form freezing. Pipe insulation also works to keep hot water therefore reducing energy bills.
  3. Get a thorough home inspection done by a pro.  It’s always best to be prepared. We recommend being proactive and taking precautions to protect your home and your family. Have a fully licensed inspector check your entire home to make sure it’s in safe condition and prepared for the rain and cold weather.

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