What is Organizing?

The common term for a group of workers looking to join a union is “Organizing”. Workers organizing for various reasons, be it to improve their working conditions, increase their pay or benefits, and/or to create a better working environment.


The American Promise is that if we go to school, work hard, and become a productive and faithful employee, we can then expect to support a family, raise and educate our children, enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life and retire with dignity. We weren’t supposed to have to win the lottery, or be a corporate executive to enjoy the American dream. That was a vision of middle class Americans, who once modeled the image of what it was to be an American. The middle class is disappearing in the direct proportion to the demise of the American union movement.  After World War II, nearly 30 percent of our workforce belonged to unions. Today, barely half that are organized. Today, a few own the world’s resources while most live in poverty. Wages of $8 per hour are common. For most of these workers there is no health insurance or retirement plans. The result? Taxpayers across the United States are making up for what employers should be paying with public assistance programs. That’s corporate welfare.  Why are wages so low? Because that’s the easiest way to increase profitability. The result? Today, the wealthiest one percent own as much of our nation as ninety percent of the rest of us, Corporate CEO’s can ear 500 times the wages paid their workers.

Why Become a Member of the Union?

 Unions help workers live a better life!

  • By providing top wages with overtime pay.
  • By providing good pensions so you can retire at a reasonable age with a comfortable income.
  • By providing a comprehensive health and welfare benefit package, including dental and eyecare.
  • By providing training and certifications with no cost to the member.
  • By providing union representation should problems arise on the jobsite.
  • By providing access to a full-service federal credit union.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Are you unhappy with your present rate of pay?
  • Is your healthcare plan inadequate for your family’s needs?
  • Do you wish you had a pension that would provide you with a secure retirement?
  • Do you think you should be treated with the respect that you deserve?
  • Do you feel discriminated against because of favoritism that is shown to other employees of the company?
  • Would you like to increase your career opportunities?

If You’ve Answered Yes to Any of These Questions, Then Contact:

Don Arena – Organizer
Phone: 814-341-7513