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October 23, 2014

Important Information regarding Pension Plan

Important Information regarding Plumber and Pipefitter National Pension Plan – See link below for details…. Pension Plan Notice Oct 2014
October 12, 2012

Election Day. Tuesday November 6, 2012

Use the link below to see the entire list of PA AFL-CIO Endorsed Candidates.
June 25, 2012

Plumbing Disasters: A few ways to prevent serious plumbing problems

Nobody wants to have to deal with a plumbing disaster. We are so reliant on efficient plumbing – for showering, cooking, cleaning, and hydration – that […]
May 22, 2012

A Bit About Plungers

Everyone knows what a plunger is. They are handy tools used to clear out drains and toilets. The may seem simple enough to use, but there […]
April 4, 2012

Hot Water Heater Repair FAQ: What Are the Symptoms of a Faulty Unit?

Recognizing the signs of trouble with your water heater is the first step in getting it fixed. From leaking problems to strange noises, learn what some […]
April 4, 2012

A Guide Into the World of Drain Cleaner

Many of you may have already experienced this scenario. You get ready to take a shower before an evening out with friends only to find that […]
March 28, 2012

Water Saving Bathroom Fixtures

Water is taken so much for granted that most people are not even aware of their consumption each day. A lot of water may be getting […]