Water Saving Bathroom Fixtures

Water is taken so much for granted that most people are not even aware of their consumption each day. A lot of water may be getting wasted whenever you go to the bathroom, when you brush your teeth, and when you flush the toilet. The wastage does not only translate to financial losses on your part, it is also harmful to the environment.

Another concern is that it is putting the lives and health of future generations at risk. Without water, how can the human race (which is still increasing in population) live? Fortunately, taking small steps today can reap benefits in the future. Installing water saving bathroom fixtures, for example, can go a long way towards ensuring water supply. So what types of bathroom fixtures do you need?

• Slow Flow Showerheads – the showerheads that are being sold today tend to be more environmental-friendly compared to older models. Federal laws have mandated that flow rate cannot exceed 2.5 gallons per minute (or 80 pounds per square inch of pressure).

• Dual Flush Toilets – you’ve probably seen these in malls, restaurants, and other centers. Dual flush toilets have become a popular alternative to the single flush toilets. Basically, you can push the smaller button for liquid waste and the larger one for solid wastes.

• Heavy Object for the Toilet Tank – if you have no budget to replace your old bathroom fixtures, consider placing a large and heavy object on your toilet tank. Some homeowner place rocks inside a plastic water bottle to fill up their tanks. This way, the toilet will flush less water each time you flush. Try to determine the exact size of the bottle. Otherwise, you may end up using more water if you have to flush twice.

• Faucet Aerator – these aerators can save a lot of water by using air. It mixes water with air to create a forceful spray at a lower water flow rate. This fixture is very cheap and is available in most home building outlets and hardware. So replace your old bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets with one that contains an aerator.

• Toilet Sink Lid – each time you flush the toilet, clean water will fill the tank for the next flush. A number of individuals believe that drastic water savings can be generated if you use recycled water instead. No, you won’t have to use the water you just flushed but the water you’ve used to wash your hands in. The toilet sink lid can be installed on any standard toilet.

Aside from installing water saving bathroom fixtures, a more important consideration is to be conscious of your usage each day. There are a lot of practical ways to save water. For example, in cleaning, gardening, and dish washing, it is usually possible to conserve a significant amount of water if you use the right amount. It is more than just installing it and then forgetting about it because people can contribute even more if they simply make a small effort at water conservation.

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