How to Prepare for Freezing Temperatures

The number one plumbing problem during the winter time is – you guessed it – freezing pipes. Luckily, this inconvenient problem is pretty rare, and they tend to only happen especially if your lines are not used as readily as they used to be. However it is still a very good idea to take the proper measures to prevent it from happening. Because trust us, you don’t want it to happen.

So, be sure to clear your sewer lines and drains. This should be done at least once per year. Lots of people think there is no need to maintain sewer lines and drains unless there is a blockage, but it’s important to do so preventably too. Try to do this before the weather gets too cold (right now would be a good time!).

A number of problems can occur in these lines. The most common problem related to drains is a clog due to debris such as food and grease passing through the sinks into the drains. This reduces the space inside that fluid has to get through.

A tree’s roots can also venture into a pipe. It can break into the line of your main drain as well, and if this happens can lead to a pretty bad leak. Cleaning out the system can lessen the chance of a bigger problem in the future.

If a pipe has too much material inside, the material can freeze as temperatures drop. This can lead to complications such as a pipe bursting.

Professionals can clean these lines most efficiently because they can flush out the material very thoroughly with their equipment. Once everything is cleared you won’t have to worry about freezing or bursting. The cost to prevent these problems is much less than the cost to fix them.

The good news is that these preventative measures does not have to be expensive and can be done fairly quickly. So it’s best to do it soon, before the snow comes!

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